About Us

Fintegra stands for Financial Integrity.

Fintegra Financial Solutions is an independent, registered broker-dealer and a registered investment advisor. Our Account Executives offer their customers objective advice, matched with superior service and financial products, suited for their clients' individual situations.

Objective Financial Advice
When you're investing for your future, you demand an independent financial advisor who will consider all of the investment alternatives available today, and recommend only investments that will benefit you and contribute to the success of your portfolio.

Your Account Executive will use only your criteria to determine the investments that best fit your portfolio and the achievement of your goals.

Superior Service
Whether you need assistance developing a financial strategy, prioritizing your investment goals, or determining which products fit best, we will be responsive and meticulous. When you have questions about the status of your portfolio, we are here to help. Your Account Executive has the expertise and resources to find the right financial solutions for your situation.

Our clients are entitled to consistent, superior service from their financial advisor, handled with the utmost in confidentiality.

Products Available
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Traditional and Roth IRA's
  • Qualified Plan/IRA Rollover Analysis
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Life, Long Term Care, and Disability Insurance
  • Professional Money Managers
  • Online Brokerage Account Access

We believe our clients are people, not numbers, and therefore deserve the best and most complete array of financial products and services available, combined with objective, unbiased advice and support.

You have a true partner on the path to financial success.

Investment and Insurance products offered through Fintegra:

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